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Land, water, and structural pest management training

Welcome to C. Schwan Educational Services.   Whether you are an individual or a pest management business, courses taught by C. Schwan Educational Services will provide you or your employees with the knowledge needed to safely control pests and successfully write the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Pesticide Certification Exams.

Courses are available for many of the licence categories for which the Ontario Ministry of the Environment requires certification.  These include:

Land Licences
Industrial Vegetation 

Structural Licences  
Fumigation – General    
Fumigation – Commodity
Greenhouse/Interior Plant

Water Licences
Aquatic Vegetation
Mosquito/Biting Fly

Upon completion of a course, the student will be well informed about pesticide use including safety, legislation and emergency response.  As well, an excellent knowledge of pest biology, control measures, and calculations specific to the type of licence will be gained.